[llvm-dev] DebugInfo work contribution and update.

Robinson, Paul via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Oct 10 13:18:56 PDT 2019

> Ah, thanks for the list - mostly I'm interested in cases where Clang's
> output is not valid DWARFv5 when requested - the new features DWARFv5
> enables/allows but doesn't require are lower priority to me. Which I
> don't think too much is left - DWARFv5 loclists in split DWARF is one
> I know of & might get to if someone else doesn't do it before me - I'm
> currently improving loclist emission (quality of implementation - using
> fewer address pool entries & just general code cleanup to share some of
> teh implementation with rnglist emission, not a compliance issue)

You might want to look at default location entry then; particularly if a 
variable moves around but has a stack home, it can reduce the number of 
entries and maybe eliminate some .debug_addr references.

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