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> Hi,
> We're less than 2 weeks away from the developer meeting, so I wanted to
> give an update on the GitHub migration and what's (hopefully) going to
> happen during the developer meeting.
> Everyone who has added their information to the github-usernames.txt
> file in SVN before today should have received an invite to become a
> collaborator
> on the llvm-project repository.  If you did not receive an invite and think
> you should have, please contact me off-list.  I will continue to monitor
> the
> file for new updates and periodically send out new batches of invites.
> There is still some ongoing work to get the buildbots ready and the
> mailing lists
> ready, but we are optimistic that the work will be done in time.
> The team at GitHub has finished implementing the "Require Linear History"
> branch protection that we requested.  The feature is in beta and currently
> enabled in the llvm-project repository.  This means that we will have the
> option to commit directly via git, in addition to using the git-llvm
> script.
> A patch that updates git-llvm to push to git instead of svn can be found
> here:
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D67772.  You should be able to test it out on
> your
> own fork of the llvm-project repository.
> The current plan is to begin the final migration steps on the evening (PDT)
> of October 21.  Here is what will happen:
> 1. Make SVN read-only.
> 2. Turn-off the SVN->git update process.
> 3. Commit the new git-llvm script directly to github.
> 4. Grant all contributors write access to the repository.

Is the repo configured to forbid contributors to create new branches? I'm
worried about the "jungle" it can become quickly if we leave open the
possibility to create branches "at will" in the repo, I rather leave this
to maintainers.

> 5. Email lists announcing that the migration is complete.
> Once the migration is complete, if you run into any issues, please file
> a bug, and mark it as a blocker for the github metabug PR39393.
> If you have any questions or think I am missing something, please
> let me know.

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this work Tom :)

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