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>> Hi,
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>>> I haven't seen much about the round tables at the dev meeting, on the
>>> list or the web page, anyone keeping track of those?
>>> I propose we do the usual one for VPlan to see who is working on what
>>> in the future, and one on SVE, so that we can sync on what's missing
>>> for this stage (IR) and what's the priorities for the next stages.
>>> I'd also like to discuss transformations in MLIR, like parallel
>>> extensions, polyhedral, threading, open mp, etc. How feasible would be
>>> to use it as an intermediate-IR for some LLVM passes, in addition to
>>> being an input-IR to the middle end.
>> Yeah we're really interested in topics about MLIR related thing! The one
>> we had at EuroLLVM was very interesting.
>> I'm interested in a round-table to discuss possible evolutions of GitHub
>> workflow (post-transition) and discussing experience with pre-merge
>> testing, pull-request, etc.
> I'm interested in a round-table to discuss the pros and cons of
> potentially moving away from bugzilla to another issue tracking system,
> with the GitHub issue tracking system being the most obvious alternative.
> I guess it may be best for that to be a different round table to a Github
> workflow round-table, but there may be some overlap with a workflow
> roundtable?

After discussing with Kristof offline, we figured that these topics are
likely to interest the same crowd, so we went with booking a single slot
for  "GitHub potential next steps". I wrote this abstract in the form:

*We're almost on GitHub! It is a good opportunity to brainstorm on possible
evolutions of the workflow and the infrastructure. There are opportunities
around being able to run builds and test on code before pushing, and the
possibility of using pull-requests either for the purpose of pre-merge
testing or for code reviews! Also is bugzilla still providing what we want
to track issues? Should we consider GitHub issues? Are there other options?*

This is just a placeholder though, I think we should set an agenda and make
sure we allocate time to go through each of the topic.


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