[llvm-dev] [Job Ad] Huawei is starting a system software / development tools team in Moscow, Russia

Andrey Bokhanko via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Oct 6 14:28:11 PDT 2019

Hi All,

Huawei is starting a brand new system software / development tools team in
Moscow, Russia -- and we have a number of positions involving development
of llvm-based tools -- for both junior engineers and seasoned pros.



What is written above is an official, dry statement. Let me add a personal
note here -- "lets me speak from my heart, in English" (if you got the
joke, you are qualified for an interview -- drop me a line!)

A lot of llvm developers have Russian names -- and a lot of you were forced
to move abroad, due to the lack of opportunities at home. For some, both a
new country and a new job is a dream come true -- and that's really great!
Yet for some it's a harsh compromise between doing what you love and living
where you're really want to live, close to your families and friends. I
know your feelings -- as I started a new life in Austria a few years ago;
only to become bitterly homesick and return to Russia after sixteen months.

Now we have *the* chance to build together a world-class system software /
development tools team right in our home city -- and make it one of the
best in the world. Hey, maybe *the* best in the world!

Let's do it!

Director, Advanced Software Technology Lab
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