[llvm-dev] debug build busts memory

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>> Throw hardware at it.
> While I agree that this is good advice with the current state of affairs,
> I don't think we should consider the current situation acceptable.
> LLVM has a lot of knobs that Tim alluded to, but first time users
> shouldn't have to search for them to get a working debug build of LLVM out
> of the box. As a community, we need to raise the bar here, and spend some
> time making first time build setup easier. I seem to recall that there were
> discussions at the dev meeting about simplifying our CMake build, and I
> think this can be part of that effort.

I don't really think of LLVM as being an especially large project (is that
inaccurate, compared to other open source software) - any ideas what other
projects do?

But I'd at least be happy to see a warning about "hey, you're using the bfd
linker - it's slow and uses lots of memory, consider installing gold or
lld" - like there used to be a warning about building with asserts enabled.
I'm not sure there's much else we can do if their system linker is bfd ld,
right? I guess we could specifically look for non-default linkers &
fallback to bfd only as a last resort (with a warning if possible)?

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