[llvm-dev] [CodeGen] Read/Write Machine IR from/to Persistent File

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Yes, http://llvm.org/docs/MIRLangRef.html#id12

Usually you use -stop-before=passname or -stop-after=passname to get some MIR at a relevant point. Note that currently not all information tracked is really serialized, especially target specific MachineFunctionInfo. Some targets partially implement this, but there are still a lot of gaps.

Also note nothing about MIR is remotely stable, so this may differ from what you mean by “persistent”


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Subject: [llvm-dev] [CodeGen] Read/Write Machine IR from/to Persistent File

Dear LLVM developers,

Just as LLVM IR can be read/write via persistent bitcode (*.bc *.ll) files, is there any similar implementation in LLVM to read/write Machine IR (MIR) via a persistent file?

If not and I would like to add it (e.g. for ARM or RISC-V), could you direct me materials and/or LLVM source code modules where I should start with?

Best Regards,
Lele Ma

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