[llvm-dev] RFC: Moving toward Discord and Discourse for LLVM's discussions

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> >
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > Short version:
> > I've set up an LLVM Discord server for real time chat (similar to IRC) and an LLVM Discourse server for forums (similar to email lists):
> > https://discord.gg/xS7Z362 <https://discord.gg/xS7Z362>
> > https://llvm.discourse.group/ <https://llvm.discourse.group/>
> >
> > Please join and use these new services. They are only partially set up and still very new, so don't hesitate to improve them and/or reach out to this thread with any issues you see or things you want to fix. Also, both services have dedicated feedback channels.
> >
> > Do feel free to use Discourse for technical discussions, although try not to create duplicate discussions (any more than you would between the lists and Bugzilla) and make sure the people you're having the discussion with are fine using Discourse instead of the email list. In case Discourse doesn't work out, we'll collect and archive everything so it isn't lost.
> Are there any existing open source projects that use these systems?
> Do they use them as a substitute for the mailing list, or as a
> supplement for people who wish to avoid email?
> I don't know for Discord, but the Swift project is using Discourse: https://forums.swift.org <https://forums.swift.org/>
> They started with a bunch of mailing-lists and migrated to Discourse later, they imported all the mailing-list archives into Discourse itself I believe.

Yes, that what they did. Moreover, they also managed to keep a mailing-list like workflow working (I think you can subscribe to topics and responding to email automatically post a new response).

You can probably ask the people who take care of this about the migration process and the actual setup as your goal looks very similar to the Swift community one at the time they did the transition.

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