[llvm-dev] DW_OP_implicit_pointer design/implementation in general

David Blaikie via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Nov 14 13:21:21 PST 2019

Hey folks,

Would you all mind having a bit of a design discussion around the feature
both at the DWARF level and the LLVM implementation? It seems like what's
currently being proposed/reviewed (based on the DWARF feature as spec'd) is
a pretty big change & I'm not sure I understand the motivation, exactly.

The core point of my confusion: Why does describing the thing a pointer
points to require describing a named variable that it points to? What if it
doesn't point to a named variable?

Seems like there should be a way to describe that situation - and that
doing so would be a more general solution than one limited to only
describing pointers that point to named variables. And would be a simpler
implementation in LLVM - without having to deconstruct variables during
optimizations, etc, to track one variable's value being concretely related
to another variable's value.

- David
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