[llvm-dev] lld-link.exe Can't Recognize .obj File Type?

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Mon Nov 11 11:35:55 PST 2019

lld doesn't care about the file extension; it examines the first few bytes of the file to figure out the filetype.  That error message means that examination failed: the header doesn't correspond to any of the input filetypes lld-link supports.

The Unix "file" utility is generally useful for figuring out what sort of file you're working with.  (On Windows, you can get it through Cygwin or gnuwin32.)


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Just now when I tried to compile a .cpp file using the LLVM toolset in VS2019, I got two error messages from lld-link:
lld-link : error : Debug\cust_std_lib_facilities.obj: unknown file type
lld-link : error : Debug\Ex10_10.obj: unknown file type
What's the reason for this, and is there a way to fix it?  This is the first time I'm saying this error; I've used LLVM before and this error never came up when I know .obj files should've been used then as well.
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