[llvm-dev] Enable Contributions Through Pull-request For LLVM

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> TL; DR;
> As it was outlined by previous comments in the thread, the GitHub PR
> review tool is inferior to Phabricator (and I would argue that this is an
> objective statement). Those that are only familiar with GitHub may not
> ascribe much value to capabilities such as commenting on unchanged lines,
> expanding whatever context you're interested in, seeing the diff of two
> revisions, etc. But for a good portion of the LLVM community, these things
> are important.
A strong -1 to moving away from Phab.
+1 to Nemanja's comment re: the (lack of) quality in the GitHub PR

As for lowering the cost of entry for new developers, I will point out that
a bad review experience for reviewers does not improve communication
between existing community members and the new community members.
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