[llvm-dev] Enable Contributions Through Pull-request For LLVM

Greg Bedwell via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 8 08:24:38 PST 2019

> > Actually my experience is radically the opposite: Phabricator is the one
> > that does not allow to "just being able to use Git on its
> > own", you're either stuck with manually exporting .patch files and
> manually
> > add them to the UI or use a php-based CLI indeed (which is the point you
> > seem to be against).
> +1.  Phab still seems alien to me and I've been using it for over a
> year now.
Agreed.  I find Phabricator incredibly clunky to use compared to the github
pull request interface.  It's probably somewhat of a vicious cycle though,
as my perceived overhead of having to generate patch files, upload them and
then deal with Phabrictator means that I tend to focus on internal facing
tasks over doing upstream work where possible, which means that I grow
increasingly comfortable with pull request workflow and grow my perceived
barrier with the Phabricator workflow.  I'd definitely use github PRs in
preference to Phab if a choice between the two were on offer.

I'm a big fan of the "Rebase+Merge" option though.  I'd much rather put up
a single pull request encompassing multiple related commits (e.g. an
initial commit containing some necessary NFC refactoring and a second
commit containing the actual functional changes) and then rebase+force push
to address review comments.  I've never personally had an issue with the
interface in terms of seeing what's changed since the previous review.  It
will be a shame if the only option we get from the web interface is to
Squash, although I'd be comfortable in the above example manually
cherry-picking and pushing the NFC commit directly into master and then
just pulling in the functional side from the web interface if that was all
that was available.

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