[llvm-dev] Enable Contributions Through Pull-request For LLVM

David Greene via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 8 08:06:01 PST 2019

Mehdi AMINI via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> writes:

> Hi all,
> Now that we're on GitHub, we can discuss about pull-requests.
> I'd like to propose to enable pull-request on GitHub, as a first step as an
> experimental channel alongside the existing methods for contributing to

+1.  I would not want to see a dual PR/Phab situation last for long,
though.  Looking in two places is a lot more work.

The main reasons I see for moving to GitHub PRs:

- Lowers the barrier for new contributors

- Is a de-facto industry standard; lots of tools know how to work with
  GitHub PRs. almost none with Phab

- Less server maintenance by the project

I am sympathetic to Roman's concerns.  I haven't used GitHub extensively
myself.  On the couple of projects I've contributed to I see e-mail from
GitHub issues but I can't recall seeing one from pull requests (though
the projects are so small maybe the PRs don't have any comments).  It
would be great if GitHub could send e-mails on PR comments and process
replies as new comments on the PR.  Maybe this is something the GitHub
developers could look into.

As for export controls, firewalling, etc. that's way beyond my
understanding but it would seem to come with any move from project-run
servers to servers we don't directly control.  I would think just using
GitHub to host the sources already gets us into those waters.


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