[llvm-dev] Workflow to commit changes using git alone (?)

Joan Lluch via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 8 03:35:22 PST 2019

Hi all, 

I have recently given commit access to LLVM and successfully pushed a test commit from my local master branch. 

However, I can’t find which is the recommended workflow for committing more serious stuff using git alone. I have read the docs but everything seems to still require svn before bridging to github. I want to use git alone to commit a patch that I got reviewed.

I currently have a local 'master' branch that I keep identical to the upstream branch. I also have another local branch (let's call it 'patchbranch' for the purposes of this question) where I committed the changes for the patch I want to push. I created the diff file by running git diff to compare my local 'master' with 'patchbranch’ branches and uploaded the file to Phabricator. I got the patch reviewed and I want to commit it now to the upstream master. I make sure my 'patchbranch' catches all the upstream changes by pulling from 'master', merging 'master' into my 'patchbranch and running the relevant tests. 

I want to push my local 'patchbranch' to the upstream ‘master’ in GitHub without affecting my local master branch. I also need to make sure that my patch is pushed as a single commit. I do not want to merge my local 'patchbranch' into my local 'master' because I want to keep my local 'master' clean and always identical to, or only slightly behind, the upstream branch. 

I have read the documentation but all the described workflows seem to imply the use of svn at some point, which I do not want to, or know how to use. I understand this is a basic question but I used git before with small teams only, so a detailed workflow for LLVM commits using git alone would be appreciated.



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