[llvm-dev] Full restrict support - status update

Jeroen Dobbelaere via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 6 03:05:21 PST 2019

Hi Alexey,

>From: Alexey Zhikhartsev
> We would love to see your patches merged as soon as possible, so I was wondering: do you think the lack of bitcode support will prevent that from happening?

Yes, I think that the lack of bitcode support will prevent it.

During the Developers meeting, I also talked with Hal and Johannes.
They had some extra remarks:
- (1) the restrict implementation deserves a separate document. (I am working on that one)
- (2) they don't like the naming of 'noalias_sidechannel'.
- (3) they also have some other mechanisms in mind to add the 'sidechannel' to the load/store instructions
       (and maybe to function calls, intrinsics; currently that is handled through llvm.noalias.arg.guard)

For (2) and (3), I am waiting for a proposal from them ;)


Jeroen Dobbelaere

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