[llvm-dev] DWARFv5 DW_FORM_implicit_const support in LLVM

Jini Susan George via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Nov 4 23:54:30 PST 2019

Hello folks,

I was interested in the support we have for the attribute form
DW_FORM_implicit_const (DWARFv5 feature) in clang/LLVM. And I had some
doubts wrt this. I noticed that support for this was put in here in 2017:


>From what I could make out, the support for generating
DW_FORM_implicit_const is there, but I could not make out the DWARF
attributes for which this form is being generated currently. Are there any
attributes for which this form is generated currently ?

Gcc typically generates this form for a bunch of attributes like:
DW_AT_decl_file, DW_AT_decl_column, DW_AT_accessibility, DW_AT_defaulted,
DW_AT_byte_size, etc

Any pointers are deeply appreciated.


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