[llvm-dev] InlineSpiller - hoists leave virtual registers without live intervals

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Sun Nov 3 05:20:56 PST 2019

	/// Optimizations after all the reg selections and spills are done.
	void InlineSpiller::postOptimization() { HSpiller.hoistAllSpills();

Seems a problematic function to me, as hoistAllSpills() uses
TII.storeRegToStackSlot() to insert new spills.

The problem is, TII.storeRegToStackSlot is allowed to create new virtual
registers, which can not be allocated a range as this whole thing is called
_after_ all reg selection is complete.

If I'm right in this, I do not see how the in-tree target AMDGPU::SI has not
been affected, as it creates virtual registers in both load and store stack
operations in SIInstrInfo.cpp - which is where I confirmed to myself that it
was okay to do so. When compilation broke,
l further suggested that the intention is that you can... but I do not see
how a hoist can ever pass verification/compile correctly. Am I doing
something incorrectly here? Or are hoistable spills just that rare on GPU
code that it's never come up?

As a side note, compiler option "-disable-spill-hoist" (DisableHoisting) is
referenced in exactly zero places, so if anyone in a similar situation finds
this post, maybe don't bother testing with that flag just yet. :)

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