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> Dear LLVM community,
> we would like to form a working group that focuses on loop
> optimizations and the loop optimization pipeline in LLVM. This working
> group would meet at a regular cadence (weekly or bi-weekly depending
> on people's schedules) and discuss topics relevant to loop
> optimizations.

Is it possible to write meeting notes and publish them here?



> These topics would include:
> - Implementation of current loop optimizations
> - Proposals for additional loop optimizations
> - Infrastructure in LLVM for working with loops
> - General design of loop optimizations and how they fit together
> Additional topics are of course welcome.
> If you are interested in loop optimizations and would like to
> participate, we invite you to check your preferred date and time at
> https://doodle.com/poll/7xnkrkmap4dkxwyx . Once we agreed on a time,
> we will send out an invite to a WebEx conference.
> Looking forward to your feedback,
> Bardia Mahjour (IBM), Hal Finkel (Argonne National Lab), Johannes
> Doerfert (Argonne), Michael Kruse (Argonne)
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