[llvm-dev] Phabricator Monorepo Importing from Downstream Forks

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As James later clarified on IRC, Phabricator isn’t importing commits from forks. Instead, it’s importing commits in the refs/pull namespace, which is used by Github for pull requests, and this pull request contained a lot of old commits. It would be ideal if Phabricator could be configured to only import from refs/heads (and perhaps refs/tags?).

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Subject: [llvm-dev] Phabricator Monorepo Importing from Downstream Forks

Hi Everyone,

Today I received a bunch of e-mails (30? 40?) from Phabricator about old commits, apparently being recommitted by someone else to the monorepo. When I asked on IRC, Roman pointed out that Phabricator is importing commits from all the monorepo forks. Indeed, I was able to find the corresponding commit, which turned out to be a cherry-pick of my commit, in a downstream fork.

Although I can configure a filter to prevent these e-mails from showing up in my inbox, it sounds wasteful to import these commits at all, let alone send e-mails for them.  Is it possible to prevent this from happening?

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