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Hi Siddharth,

I'd be interested in taking a look at your proposal once it becomes


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After Sahil's GSoC 2018 project on integrating Chapel into Polly, and
running into similar issues with delinearization multiple times before, we
began drafting up an RFC to introduce these kinds of
"multidimensional accesses" directly into LLVM to lower languages such as
Fortran which have these "multi-dimensional" semantics.

The RFC is still work-in-progress, but feedback would be appreciated. We're
trying to work out some of the rough edges out before posting it.


On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 12:31 AM Hubert Tong via llvm-dev <
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   [CC bollu, mferguson, shil]

   Am Do., 23. Mai 2019 um 17:13 Uhr schrieb Bardia Mahjour <
   bmahjour at ca.ibm.com>:
     Thanks David and Michael for the clarification.

     I think I understand the rational behind those checks in
     delinearization now.

     > Some other languages have stronger guarantees about their array
     dimensions accesses being in range. But this being a flat C array,
     there is nothing out-of-bounds going on.

     Hmm...perhaps some information about these guarantees can come from
     the IR that the front-ends produce. I'm wondering if the 'inrange'
     keyword (or maybe a new keyword) can be used for this purpose?

   If the source is C/C++, the inrange keyword cannot be used because of
   the language's semantics (see below).

   Also, GetElementPtr will always only work with constant-sized array. A
   student from last year's GSoC (CC'd) is working on such an extension
   (with intended use by Chapel).

     I had a discussion about this syntax with some C standard experts and
     there seems to be disagreements on whether an out-of-bound access with
     respect to an individual dimension is defined behaviour or not. I do
     not mean to start that discussion here, especially because there may
     be code in the field relying on certain interpretation of the
     standard, but just want to mention that option-control maybe a good
     way to deal with complications like this.

   For clarification: In C, subscripts themselves have no semantics, they
   are defined as syntactic sugar:

   C18,,  §2
   > The definition of the subscript operator[] is that E1[E2] is
   identical to(*((E1)+(E2)))

   Using arithmetic properties, &A[1][0] == (char*)A + 2 == &A[0][2] (for
   an array declared "char A[2][2]"). The indirection operator (*) is only
   undefined if it yields to an access to an invalid address (C18, note
  Yes, the addresses are equal, but you make a point of talking about the
  indirection operator.
  Subclause 6.5.6 says: If the result points one past the last element of
  the array object, it shall not be used as the operand of a unary *
  operator that is evaluated.

  &A[0][2] produces a result that points one past the last element of the
  array A[0].


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