[llvm-dev] RFC: "REQUIRES: no*" considered harmful

Michael Kruse via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 22 12:36:38 PDT 2019

Good idea to remove these. Also because of their inconsistent spelling.


Am Do., 9. Mai 2019 um 13:37 Uhr schrieb via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org>:
> Dear test fans,
> Recently a couple of cases came to light, where a test had the line
>     REQUIRES: nowindows
> with the obvious expectation that it would be disabled, but only for
> the Windows platform.  Sadly, this is not true; the "no" prefix means
> nothing to Lit.  I've already fixed one test, within Lit's own test
> suite, and I've done a bunch of grepping to see what else is lurking.
> The various config scripts define feature keywords with "no" or "not_"
> or "non-" prefixes in only a handful of cases.  And really these extra
> keywords are unnecessary, because we can disable a test using the positive
> form with UNSUPPORTED:.  And, I claim (with the obvious evidence of two
> tests that fell into this trap) that having negative keywords for some
> cases can mislead people and end up having entirely the wrong effect.
> I propose to eliminate the negative forms of the feature keywords and
> modify all the affected tests to use UNSUPPORTED instead. Well actually
> I'd modify the affected tests first, but you get the idea.
> There are 7 feature keywords that start with "no" or "not_" or "non-"
> that I can find, and it's trivial to have only positive versions
> (and in fact the last 4 already have positive versions):
>     non-ms-sdk  (clang only)
>     non-ps4-sdk (clang only)
>     not_COFF    (llvm only)
>     not_asan
>     not_msan
>     not_ubsan
>     nozlib
> Very few in-tree tests are affected, and I'm happy to do that part.
> I'm finding 9 tests in clang, 6 tests in LLVM, and 1 test in LLDB
> that match the regex 'REQUIRES:.* no'.  (The LLDB test is the other
> victim of "nowindows" that I've found.)
> If you believe this is a BAD idea, please speak up and explain why.
> In the meantime I'll start putting together a patch set for this.
> Thanks,
> --paulr
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