[llvm-dev] Handling of the x18 register in Wine on AArch64

Anton Korobeynikov via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon May 20 09:50:17 PDT 2019

> > 1) Rebuild the surrounding host environment (the whole linux
> > distribution) with -ffixed-x18. This would be the perfect solution,
> > but is highly impractical for general use of Wine by regular users in
> > their existing setups. (Convincing major distributions to start
> > configuring their compilers in this way also doesn't seem to be
> > happening.)
> Any chance that this could be made the compiler default, so that distros
> wouldn't need to do anything?
The register usage is specified by ABI. So, even if the compiler will
reserve x18, then there might be lots of legacy / hand-written code

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