[llvm-dev] How data is laid out in default.profraw when doing profiling?

xuruobin via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 15 20:26:39 PDT 2019

Hi all,

  I'm now working on llvm-cov for a new target and have a problem here. 
  Because of some reasons, users do not stub in the main function and  after running elf file, they cannot get a default profraw. Now they want to construct a default profraw manually but don't know how data is laid out in `default profraw` file. 
  We found a struct ProfDataIOVec in InstrProfilingWriter.c in compiler-rt and followed this layout.
  ProfDataIOVec IOVec[] = {
      {&Header, sizeof(__llvm_profile_header), 1},
      {DataBegin, sizeof(__llvm_profile_data), DataSize},
      {CountersBegin, sizeof(uint64_t), CountersSize},
      {SkipNameDataWrite ? NULL : NamesBegin, sizeof(uint8_t), NamesSize},
      {Zeroes, sizeof(uint8_t), Padding}};
  This helped us successfully passed some small cases(not know for sure whether the coverage result is true, but we can see coverage report). But when we added more cases, `llvm-cov show -arch=xxx ...` gave us an assertion when entering fuction ` loadFunctionRecord ` in CoverageMapping.cpp. The OrigFuncName is empty when inserting into FunctionNames. Seems the llvm-cov cannot find a function name. I think it's because we didn't construct a correct default.profraw. So how data is laid out in default.profraw when doing profiling? Any help will be appreciated. 
  A small tip which may help. We are using coverage tool for a new target so when building compiler-rt, we use InstrProfilingPlatformOther.c


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