[llvm-dev] How to submit a patch?

Praveen Velliengiri via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu May 9 12:53:50 PDT 2019

Hi all,
I'm new to llvm development and I have basic (beginner level) questions
regarding the workflow of the llvm project. I want to clarify that the
following steps is the workflow of the llvm project to prepare and submit a

   1.  Clone the git repo (master) and create a branch named "test branch".
   2.  Make changes to the "test branch" and git fetch all the changes from
   remote origin to local master.
   3.  Rebase the "test branch" onto the local master.
   4.  Merge the test branch to master then start building and testing the
   master branch.
   5.  If nothing breaks, then I can create a diff file by git show HEAD
   -U999999 > mypatch.patch from the "master"
   6.  Upload the patch in the differential and submit for review.

Am I missing something? If so, please let me know, it will very helpful for
me to start :) If you have any suggestions I would happy to hear from you.
LLVM is a fast moving, how often I need to fetch, rebase and build. In my
machine building takes about 40 minutes is there any efficient way around

Thank you.
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