[llvm-dev] Why did "llvm.memcpy" changed when emitting an object file?

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Wed May 8 23:55:18 PDT 2019

Hi Björn,

Your observation is correct, LLVM can "recreate" actual function calls
for intrinsics calls. 

Generally, there is no single way LLVM intrinsics are lowered. It
depends on the intrinsic and the target (afaik). Some, especially target
specific ones, are lowered to assembly sequences. Others, are simply
dropped or replaced by one of their arguments (some annotations).
Memory operations, among others, can be "lowered" to calls to library
calls, e.g., in IntrinsicLowering::LowerIntrinsicCall. Though, memcpy
can also be lowered to a sequence of load/stores in
SelectionDAG::getMemcpy() (via getMemcpyLoadsAndStores). I guess the
fact that you use the JIT interface might be a reason you see the former
lowering but I don't know for sure. 

I hope this general answer helps, otherwise you can probably get a more
detailed response from a backend person.


On 05/09, Gaier, Bjoern via llvm-dev wrote:
> Dear LLVM-Mailing list,
> I have a beginners question again - please don't be mad at me!
> I was playing around with llvm::Module instance and ended in iterating over all global values and functions. I then noticed the function "llvm.memcpy". As I understood, this is an intrinsic coming from the LLVM.
> So far so good! I then emitted an object file with the llvm::ExecutionEngine and noticed an undefined references to "memcpy". Now I'm surprised! To me, it looks like that the intrinsic turned into a 'normal' function. I checked the iteration of the functions and were not able to locate any "memcpy" there, this is why I'm assuming the intrinsic changed.
> I wonder if this is true - I always thought that intrinsics will be replaced by specific predefined assembly instructions, even the MSVC compiler provides a memcpy intrinsic, so I don't understand why this function would appear, when it was an intrinsic before. Did I maybe configured the EngineBuilder wrong? Or the ExecutionEngine itself?
> Kind greetings
> Björn
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