[llvm-dev] Why did "llvm.memcpy" changed when emitting an object file?

Gaier, Bjoern via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 8 23:21:19 PDT 2019

Dear LLVM-Mailing list,

I have a beginners question again - please don't be mad at me!

I was playing around with llvm::Module instance and ended in iterating over all global values and functions. I then noticed the function "llvm.memcpy". As I understood, this is an intrinsic coming from the LLVM.

So far so good! I then emitted an object file with the llvm::ExecutionEngine and noticed an undefined references to "memcpy". Now I'm surprised! To me, it looks like that the intrinsic turned into a 'normal' function. I checked the iteration of the functions and were not able to locate any "memcpy" there, this is why I'm assuming the intrinsic changed.

I wonder if this is true - I always thought that intrinsics will be replaced by specific predefined assembly instructions, even the MSVC compiler provides a memcpy intrinsic, so I don't understand why this function would appear, when it was an intrinsic before. Did I maybe configured the EngineBuilder wrong? Or the ExecutionEngine itself?

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