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Tue May 7 04:47:59 PDT 2019

Dear LLVM-Mailing-List,

I'm using the llvm::EngineBuilder to create an instance of the llvm::ExecutionEngine, I then JIT my code, take the addresses I need and delete the llvm::ExecutionEngine. But now I started to wonder, if I could reuse that instance for a new module again?

I first tried calling llvm::EngineBuilder without setting a Module, I planned to add it later - but when I do this the "create" function will crash.

Another test I ran was calling "removeModule" of the llvm::ExecutionEngine  after the call to finalizeObject. Then I added the same module again and ran finalizeObject again. The result was weird, I suddenly became error messages about the relocation - I take this came because I applied a memory mapping in the first run.

So to make it short: Is the llvm::ExecutionEngine designed for a reuse or is it better to create a new instance again?

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