[llvm-dev] RFC: On removing magic numbers assuming 8-bit bytes

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Hi Jesper,

Thanks, these are interesting differences. The CHAR_BIT and byte
relation is established in the C standard and I would prefer the byte
terminology. It means the same thing as addressable unit but is a bit
shorter and probably more widely known.

Looking purely from a c/c++ language viewpoint, this makes sense.  We
settled on using 'addressable unit size', but any abstraction will
already be helpful.

Given that f18 has just been accepted as an LLVM project, we probably
shouldn't be using C/C++ or any specific language terminology in LLVM.

Regardless of f18, we shouldn't anyway, unless it's terminology we independently define in our language reference. LLVM has supported many different language frontends for a long time :-)


It seems useful to distinguish "addressable unit size" from "data size"
and talk about things using such abstract terminology.

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