[llvm-dev] Determine the offset of a vtable ptr

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Fri May 3 00:02:45 PDT 2019

Dear LLVM-Mailing-List,

inspired by a Mail some days ago I wondered, if it is possible to determine the offset of a pointer to a specific vtable of a class via the llvm::Module.

For this I created two classes A & B which both used virtual functions. Now I created a class C which inherits A & B. In my simple understanding of C++ class 'C' would have two additional vtable pointers for A & B - and I would want to know there offset.

I compiled the code the LLVM assembly and tried to locate the offset there. Sadly - I was not possible to understand the assembly well enough to find those offsets. Because of this, I was not even able to try this via the functions of the llvm::Module.

So... Is that possible? And how would I do this via llvm::Module?

I'm really sorry if this question a duplication of if the answers if obvious. I'm not much experienced with the LLVM at all.

Thank you in advance

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