[llvm-dev] [RFC] migrating past C++11

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> I propose instead:
>    - Clang 3.5 (*released 2014/07*) to get -std=c++14 instead of
>    -std=c++1y
>    - Apple Clang 6.0 (*released 2014/07*) to match clang 3.5
>    - GCC 5.1 (*released 2015/04*) because C++14 mostly came to be in GCC 5
>    - Visual Studio 2017 (*released 2017/03*) so that we get extended
>    constexpr and NSDMI
> This is a most excellent proposal.  I know Firefox's C++ page says that
extended constexpr support in GCC 5.0, but my recollection is that the
support is much improved in GCC 6.1+.  GCC 6.x's constexpr support was
certainly the driving motivation for Firefox's requiring GCC 6.1.  You may
want to consider bumping your GCC support level a bit; according to your
table, it leaves Ubuntu 16.04 out in a cold a little bit, but maybe that's

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