[llvm-dev] Making LLD PDB generation faster

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Try enabling large memory pages on your PC: https://support.sisoftware.co.uk/knowledgebase.php?article=52
Get the latest LLVM trunk and ensure the MF_HUGE_HINT is used with your use-case, by tracing Memory::allocateMappedMemory()
Going from 12-byte buckets to 8-buckets only gives mild improvements, you're saving 1/6 cache misses on the hashtable accesses. Most of the gain comes from usage of the large memory pages.

Let me know if that helps,

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Yeah your binary if probably very similar to ours, I work at Guerrilla games, so yeah game engine/editor. I tried extracting just your implementation of densemap from that changelist and it seemed to not give any speedups in our case. I think I will clean up my changes to llvm-objcopy and maybe wait to test your changes.ps: Do you guys hang around on any chat room? I think chatting a bit can be helpful.

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