[llvm-dev] RFC: changing variable naming rules in LLVM codebase

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> > So:
> >
> > - Local variables and formal parameters should be lower_case, with
> >   one exception: Variables/parameters that have lambda/function
> >   type should follow the function-name spelling rules.
> "lower_case" is a pretty drastic change from CamelCase and camelCase.
> So far the only argument for it I've seen is, "lldb uses it all over the
> place."  Having one subproject drive the standard for everything else
> seems backward.  It's certainly possible I missed other opinions on this
> though.

This is not how I described my preference for it. I prefer it generally and
find it substantially easier to read code using it.

That said, I think the fact that LLDB uses it does contribute two
1) It does show some subset of the community is familiar with it and has
found it to be a reasonably good convention for their usage.
2) It removes some cost of transition.

I wouldn't make the decision *because* of this, but I also don't think we
should ignore these points.
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