[llvm-dev] [Job Ad] Microsoft Visual C++ is hiring compiler/runtime engineers.

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Wed Feb 13 09:54:32 PST 2019


Microsoft C++ team is looking for experienced and aspiring compiler engineers for multiple openings.  Roles cover bring up of novel cloud hardware in both LLVM and MSVC compiler tool chains in addition to ongoing improvements in all MSVC production targets to support cloud workloads and the Microsoft ecosystem.   There are also openings on sister teams covering libraries and runtimes (think CoreCLR).   This is a chance to work with dynamic teams empowering a big ecosystem - your work will matter to a lot of people - on system level innovation.  If you're an experienced compiler engineer, or just a strong C++ developer looking to expand their skills in this space, this is a great opportunity to have an impact.

Job link for more info on the Microsoft career site: https://aka.ms/vcjobs

Job descriptions on the site are on the vague side, and recruiting can sometimes inadvertently misdirect email, so please contact me directly if you're interested and I'll make sure that you're pointed in the right direction.


Russell C. Hadley
rhadley at microsoft.com
Principal Software Engineering Manager
Microsoft Visual C++ Team: Code Generation & Optimization

If you're into code generation - I'm hiring!<https://aka.ms/vcjobs>

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