[llvm-dev] [libcxx-dev] Removing deprecated <ext/hash_set>, <ext/hash_map> and <ext/__hash>

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Mon Feb 11 11:17:15 PST 2019

> On Feb 6, 2019, at 13:47, Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]

Thanks for the reply, Chandler. The idea that `hash_map` can ease adoption of libc++ for new users makes sense, and I do agree it provides value to libc++. I also think we must be careful not to try to mimic too many bad things that libstdc++ does just for the purpose of easing adoption, since that will be bad for libc++ in a different way.

> What I'm trying to do here is understand whether and why __gnu_cxx::hash_map is special in that respect. Why was it put there in the first place? Why is it so hard to get rid of?
> Sure, I'm happy to provide some of the historical context (I think I was one of the people arguing it should be added).
> [...]

Thanks a lot for this, I wasn't aware of the context.

I'd be very interested to see how much breakage this causes in something like FreeBSD just so we have a more concrete idea of what software this breaks. Perhaps the breakage will be smaller than the last time this was attempted? Otherwise, we're operating on assumptions. Dmitry, do you think you could do the exp-run you were talking about? I'd be very interested to see the results.


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