[llvm-dev] Scope for DILocalVariables describing parameters?

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Fri Feb 8 10:19:43 PST 2019

> > Is it valid to assume that the scope for a parameter-describing
> > DILocalVariable always is a DISubprogram? Or do you know of any case
> > where a parameter's scope can be a sub-scope of the DISubprogram?
> I believe that for the Clang and Swift frontends that should always be
> true. A hypothetical language frontend for a language that supports
> functions with multiple entry points might be a counterexample, but I
> don't know of any.

FORTRAN and PL/I both support multiple entrypoints, to my knowledge,
although I am pretty sure in PL/I this does *not* introduce a new scope.
Don't know about FORTRAN.  I think there's a Flang project with its own
mailing list?  People there might know.

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