[llvm-dev] Why does Alias Analysis says that all function may alias

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Wed Feb 6 03:13:49 PST 2019

I am try to build Call graph as a practice following the assignment at [1]
The objective it to take in IR and give back Call graph featuring which
functions calls which Functions.
The problem is dealing with function pointers as they usually are indirect
I tried to overcome the problem by using Alias Analysis (with the new pass
I set up the pipeline like this
int main (int argc, char **argv, const char **env) {
       // Before this point I would setup the module object, cl and friends
       PassBuilder PB;
       ModulePassManager MPM(true);
       LoopAnalysisManager LAM(false);
       FunctionAnalysisManager FAM(true);
       CGSCCAnalysisManager CAM(false);
       ModuleAnalysisManager MAM(true);
       AAManager AA ;//= PB.buildDefaultAAPipeline();
       if (auto Err = PB.parseAAPipeline(AA, "basicaa"))
               report_fatal_error("Error parsing basicaa AA pipeline");
       FAM.registerPass([&] {return std::move(AA);});
       MAM.registerPass([&] {return callgraphs::WeightedCallGraph();});
       PB.crossRegisterProxies(LAM, FAM, CAM, MAM);

       MPM.run(*module, MAM);
       return 0;
callgraphs hold the Analysis and transformation pass they do the following:-
A- generate the graph
B- Print it.

Deep inside that Namespace this is how I would analyse an CallSite once it
is proven to hold an indirect function call

void WeightedCallGraphInfo::AnalyseIndirectCallSite(CallSite &cs,
ModuleAnalysisManager &MAM) {
       Value *v = cs.getCalledValue();
       Function &caller = *cs.getCaller();
       Module &M = *caller.getParent();
       FunctionAnalysisManager &FAM =  MAM.

       AliasAnalysis &AA = FAM.getResult<AAManager>(caller);
       for (Function &f: M) {
               if (f.isIntrinsic())
               AliasResult R = AA.alias(v, &f);
               if (R == AliasResult::MustAlias){
                        //What goes here doesn't matter to my question


The problem is that R is always AliasResult::MayAlias regardlles of the
analysis pipeline I have tried basicaa and the BP.buildDefaultAAPipeline() via
the pipeline setup shown above and bunch of other ones (through opt).

My concert is that I could be doing something wrong and not being the
limitation of the alias analysis.

For example

I tested the analysis on simple .c module that looks like this
void foo(int x);

void bar() {

void baz() {

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
 void (*bam)() = 0;
 switch (argc%3) {
  case 1: bam = bar; break;
  case 2: bam = baz; break;
 return 0;

I placed the llvm IR on pastebin at [2] because it is too big.

The problem is that bam() and foo() and main() may alias while I was
expecting to not alias relation, and bar() and baz() had may alias relation
as well however I was expecting a MustAlias. So if anyone had clue about
whether I am doing something wrong or this is the expected behavior, it
will be great.

I have the source code for the whole pass (just in case anyone would have a
doubt in how I did things) at [3].

[1] http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~wsumner/teaching/886/15/project1.html
[2] https://pastebin.com/BGt787tb
[3] https://github.com/oddcoder/LLVM_Playground/tree/master/01_callgrapher

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