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Tue Feb 5 04:26:52 PST 2019

On 2/5/19 12:49 PM, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> Basically what I am saying is that the semantics "request an AVL from 
> the hardware and get an ACTUAL number of elements to be processed" 
> really needs to become part of the API.
Ok. We could add this behavior to the EVL contract with an intrinsic.

%EffectiveVL = llvm.evl.setvl(<scalable vscale x float>, %RequestedAVL) 
where vscale would be interpreted as VLMul on RISC-V.

> the inner workings of AVL are entirely hidden and opaque to the IR. 
> The IR sets the total explicit number of elements, and It Gets Done.

That would still be ok, if the following invariant holds on RVV:

Given that

    %effectivevl = setvl <vty> %reqVL

Will the following invariant hold whenever %avl <= %effectivevl?

    %avl == setvl <vty>, %avl

In that case, we could require the VL parameter to be derived from the 
evl.setvl intrinsic without violating that part of EVL semantics (all 
elements in the range from [0 to VL) will be processed).

- Simon

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