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Hi Tim,

Sorry, I'm not sure I follow.  Are you maybe thinking that if the identifiers were tagged to specify scope, people would still be trying to use acronyms or single letters? So that, what in future code might be F, would instead be _f and that would be worse than f_ or s_f?   I was thinking instead F would be (for new or modified code) _function or _fnctn or _func  (as an object of type Function). Again, sorry -- I don't see how prepended underscore is worse than an appended one. Could you supply some examples, please?

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> ·         Non-static data members:           _<lowerCaseLetterThenCamelCase> (This was allowed by the C++ standard I last read. It’s _<UpperCase> that is reserved)

This is about the one thing I'd be truly unhappy to see us adopt (for any situation). I think the interaction with acronyms is just too pathological. You get a really weird identifier or UB, possibly without even knowing it.


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