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Is this offer about working on an LLVM-based project? MNN does not seem to
be LLVM-based or closely related, but I may have missed something.
This list policy is to restrict job offers to LLVM-related offers (per
previous examples:
http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-April/131728.html ).



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> Hi,
> I’m writing this email behalf of my manager in Alibaba. Our team is
> working on a deep learning engine called MNN. We open sourced it this May.
> (Github link here: https://github.com/alibaba/MNN )
> <https://github.com/alibaba/MNN)>.
> It has industry-leading blazing fast inference speed on mobile and it is
> tiny in size. In the internal experiments we ran, MNN outperforms other
> inference engines under almost all settings by about 20% - 40%. And we are
> trying to make it even faster and support more computational backends by
> exploring MLIR, XLA, TVM and the like. We’d love to hear from anyone
> interested in the following position:
> Company: Alibaba.
> Location: Hangzhou or Beijing in China.
> Language: Chinese is preferred.
> Job Description: You will be working on MNN with a team of enthusiastic,
> energetic, talented and hard-working engineers in the lovely city Hangzhou.
> Skillset:
> 1. For this role, we are interested in people with in-depth knowledge,
> understanding and hands-on work with MLIR, XLA, or TVM.
> 2. Contributions to the open source projects like LLVM, MLIR, XLA or TVM
> are a great plus.
> 3. Since our product is an inference engine, knowledge and experience in
> the architecture, design, internals of other ML systems (e.g. Tensorflow,
> PyTorch) are a great plus.
>  4. Experience of leading a compiler team would be preferred
> Level: This is a senior level position, equivalent to a great Google L4 or
> solid Google L5.
> If you are interested in this role, visit this link and apply
> https://job.alibaba.com/zhaopin/position_detail.htm?trace=qrcode_share&positionCode=GP589059
> If you wish to know more about this role, you can contact my manager on
> his LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/huishu/ , reply to this email
> or contact him directly at hush.alibaba#gmail.com
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