[llvm-dev] reg getInductionVariable

Dangeti Tharun kumar via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Dec 14 06:23:38 PST 2019


The function getInductionVariable mandates the loop to be in "SimplifyForm".

Loop::getInductionVariable(ScalarEvolution &SE) {
  if (!isLoopSimplifyForm())
    return nullptr;

bool Loop::isLoopSimplifyForm() {
   return getLoopPreheader() && getLoopLatch() && hasDedicatedExits();

/// Return true if no exit block for the loop has a predecessor that is
/// outside the loop.
bool hasDedicatedExits() const;

Is it necessary for the loop to have *DedicatedExists *to find the
induction variable?
Can this condition be relaxed?

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