[llvm-dev] Resolving symbol with incorrect flags

Dibyendu Majumdar via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Dec 11 15:34:34 PST 2019


I am getting an assertion failure such as this while attempting to
resolve a symbol:

Assertion failed: I->second == KV.second.getFlags() && "Resolving
symbol with incorrect flags", file
C:\work\github\llvm-9.0.0.src\lib\ExecutionEngine\Orc\Core.cpp, line

The code that triggers this:

  llvm::Expected<llvm::JITEvaluatedSymbol> findSymbol(llvm::StringRef Name) {
    return ES->lookup({&ES->getMainJITDylib()}, (*Mangle)(Name.str()));

What does this assertion failure mean?

Thanks and Regards

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