[llvm-dev] Glue two instructions together

Przemyslaw Ossowski via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Dec 10 08:41:35 PST 2019


for DAG-to-DAG instruction selection I’ve implemented a pattern, which
creates from one SDNode two instructions, something like:

def: Pat<(NEW_SDNODE REG:$r1),

         (INST_OUT (INST_IN), REG:$r1)>;

where INST_IN doesn't  accepts any inputs and INST_OUT accepts two inputs -
one returned by INST_IN and REG;$r1.

Is there any possibility to ‘Glue’ two instruction created in a such way?
Maybe something similar to creation SDNodes with SDNPOutGlue, SDNPInGlue) ?

These two instructions INST_IN and INST_OUT have to be one after another
without any other inserted between them.


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