[llvm-dev] LNT debuginfo-statistics not running?

Adrian Prantl via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Dec 4 10:19:41 PST 2019

We finally managed to cleanup all the monorepo transition fallout on http://green.lab.llvm.org/green/view/LLDB/job/clang-3.4-debuginfo-statistics/ .

Results are stored in LNT at http://lnt.llvm.org/db_default/v4/nts/machine/1362.
Go to New Results and then pick the latest run, and then choose of the detailed run-over-run metrics for a graph over time.

Historic pre-monorepo data at http://lnt.llvm.org/db_default/v4/nts/machine/1357

-- adrian

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