[llvm-dev] LangRef semantics for shufflevector with undef mask is incorrect

Philip Reames via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Dec 2 16:58:44 PST 2019

On 11/26/19 3:19 PM, Nuno Lopes via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a follow up on a discussion around shufflevector with undef 
> mask in https://reviews.llvm.org/D70641 and 
> https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43958.
> The current semantics of shufflevector in 
> http://llvm.org/docs/LangRef.html#shufflevector-instruction states:
> "If the shuffle mask is undef, the result vector is undef. If any 
> element of the mask operand is undef, that element of the result is 
> undef."
> We found this semantics to be problematic. TL;DR: instructions can't 
> detect if an operand is undef.
> Long story:
> Undef can be replaced with any value at any time. It's valid to 
> replace undef with 0 or 1 or anything else.
> A possible sequence of optimizations with sufflevector could be as 
> follows:
> %v = shufflevector <2 x float> %x, <2 x float> undef, <2 x i32> <i32 
> undef, i32 0>
> ->
> %v = shufflevector <2 x float> %x, <2 x float> undef, <2 x i32> <i32 
> 2, i32 0>
> ->
> %v = <undef, %x[0]>
> So this respects the semantics in LangRef: the mask is undef, so the 
> resulting element is undef.
> However, there's an alternative sequence of optimizations:
> %v = shufflevector <2 x float> %x, <2 x float> undef, <2 x i32> <i32 
> undef, i32 0>
> ->
> %v = shufflevector <2 x float> %x, <2 x float> undef, <2 x i32> <i32 
> 1, i32 0>
> ->
> %v = <%x[1], %x[0]>
> So now it depends on what the value of %x[1] is. If it's poison, we 
> obtain:
> %v = <poison, %x[0]>
> This result contradicts the semantics in LangRef, even though no 
> individual transformation we did above is wrong.
> In summary, an instruction cannot detect undef and have special 
> semantics for it.
> AFAICT, the only way to fix the semantics of shufflevector is to say 
> that if the mask is out-of-bounds, we yield poison. That's correct 
> because there's nothing worse than poison.
> Since we can replace undef with an OOB index, an undef mask can safely 
> yield poison. Or it would yield one of the input elements, which is 
> poison in the worst case. So we get poison in both cases.
> I guess the issue to make this semantics a reality is that we would 
> need to introduce a poison value (which is a good thing IMHO). 
> Otherwise we can't continue doing some of the folds we have today 
> since we don't have a poison constant to replace undef when folding.
Completely separately from this discussion, I think we really need a 
poison value.  We end up writing needless complicated tests to generate 
poison and potentially poison values.  Being able to simply spell poison 
directly in IR would help.
> Any comments/suggestions appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Nuno
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