[llvm-dev] EuroLLVM 2020 - Program committee volunteers needed

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Mon Dec 2 04:08:42 PST 2019

Are you interested in being on the program committee for the EuroLLVM 2020
<http://www.llvm.org/devmtg/2020-04/> developers’ meeting in Paris, France?

Please let me know by next Monday, December 9th.

I’m looking for people interested in volunteering their time to help review
proposals for the upcoming EuroLLVM 2020 developers’ meeting. You must be
able to commit time between January 12th and January 24th. How many
proposals you review really depends on the size of our program committee
and the number of proposals submitted. You will need to attend at least one
conference call after submitting your reviews to help finalize the program.

You don’t necessarily need to be a very publicly active member of the LLVM
community to volunteer, nor do you necessarily need years of experience
with LLVM. In order to make sure we have a balanced program committee, I
would appreciate if you could send me the following information:

1. What experience do you have serving on program committees? (no
experience is required, but we would like some experienced members on the
team as well as newer members)

2. What topic areas of the LLVM project do you feel comfortable reviewing
proposals for? What areas of LLVM do you have experience in yourself?
(i.e., clang, back-end, mid-level, debuggers, libc++, lld, integration of
LLVM in other projects, tutorials for newcomers, etc)

3. What is your background? (i.e. industry, academia, research, hobbyist,

Thank you!


Kristof Beyls
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