[llvm-dev] [GSoC 2019] Apply the Clang Static Analyzer to LLVM-based projects - final report

Csaba Dabis via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 26 10:23:41 PDT 2019

Hey everyone!

This Summer we managed to make the Clang Static Analyzer support the LLVM
LLVM-based projects with my mentors Artem Dergachev and Gabor Horvath.

For a more detailed documentation please visit my final report:

The project in a nutshell: I have fixed the most annoying false positives
added support for the custom RTTI of LLVM which became a huge true positive
boost as we now emit warnings on misuse of LLVM casting APIs. All of my
(except one D65239) are upstreamed and on by default. The remaining work is
fix the less annoying and not so common false positives.
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