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First, as a high-level note, you posted a link to a Google doc, and at the end of the Google doc, you have a list of questions that you'd like answered. In the future, please put the questions directly in the email. For one thing, more people will read your email than will open your Google doc. Second, having the questions in the email should allow a better threading structure to the replies.

  *   Ivdep: Is clang loop vectorize(assume_safety) equivalent to ivdep? To what extent do the semantics of ivdep need to be modified for Clang to create an equally “useful pragma”? To what extent would it be helpful to have this pragma in Clang?

  *   Nontemporal:What kind of analysis can we do in LLVM to find where to use nontemporal accesses? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  *   vecremainder/novecremainder: Should the pragma simply call the vectorizer to attempt to vectorize the remainder loop, or should the vectorizer use a different method?

  *   mask_readwrite/nomask_readwrite: Is it a good idea to implement a pragma that will generate mask intrinsics in the IR? What other architectures (except x86) has support for masked read/writes?


LLVM has mask intrinsics for targets with AVX, AVX2, AVX-512.

>From Slides: ”Most of the targets do not support masked instructions, optimization of instructions with masks is problematic, avoid introducing new masked instructions into LLVM IR”

  *   aligned/unaligned: Is it worthwhile to have LLVM specific pragma rather depending on OpenMP?


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Subject: [llvm-dev] [LLVM] (RFC) Addition/Support of new Vectorization Pragmas in LLVM

Hello all,

We are students from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Hyderabad, we would like to propose the addition of the following pragmas in LLVM that aide in (or possibly increase the scope of) vectorization in LLVM (in comparison with other compilers).

  1.  ivdep

  2.  Nontemporal

  3.  [no]vecremainder

  4.  [no]mask_readwrite

  5.  [un]aligned

Could you please check the following Google document for the semantic description of these pragmas:


Vectorization Pragmas LLVM:RFC: V2<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YjGnyzWFKJvqbpCsZicCUczzU8HlLHkmG9MssUw-R1A/edit?usp=sharing>
Vectorization Pragmas in LLVM: An RFC Yashas Andaluri, Happy Mahto, M Sai Praharsh, Bhavya Bagla IIT Hyderabad Aug 8th, 2019 [Thanks to feedback from Venugopal Raghavan, Shivarama Rao (AMD) and Michael Kruse & Hal Finkel (ANL).] Vectorization Pragmas ivdep vector(nontemporal) vector([no]vecrema...

It would be great if you could please review the above document and suggest us on how to proceed further (either about the semantics, or, about the code sections in LLVM).

Thank you

Yashas, Happy, Sai Praharsh, and Bhavya

B.Tech 3rd year, IITH.
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