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On 4/10/19, 12:15 PM, "llvm-dev on behalf of Chris Lattner via llvm-dev" wrote:
> The foundation recommends considering a new name for the project (e.g. flang or simply fortran)
>  to be more accessible and obvious for new contributors - in addition to being the repository name,
>  it will also  be the base stem for mailing lists and other project related material.  The f18 folks can
> discuss this, come up with a decision, and work with the llvm-admin team to set up the requisite infra.

We'd like to recommend "fortran" as the name of the source repository, mailing list (fortran-dev), and the C++ namespace.  The source code is all about Fortran so people working on the compiler and tools will be thinking fortran first and foremost.

As for the driver, time will tell.  I expect the f18 developers at Arm will post an RFC asking for advice about how to write the driver.  Base it on clang or start fresh?  Extract the clang driver into its own project?  Name it flang?  But that's another RFC.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

- Steve

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