[llvm-dev] [Job Ad] IBM India is hiring compiler engineers

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Thu Apr 11 14:21:29 PDT 2019

 *Who You Are*
- * As a senior compiler developer and performance analyst you will be part
of a team of engineers who are working on the optimization of our current
and future servers.
- * You will be part of a team of passionate and expert performance
analysts and will bring in key development expertise to the team.
- * You will be responsible for the identification of new instructions,
latency improvements and other micro -architectural bottlenecks for our
upcoming servers, ensuring optimal generation of middle and back-end code,
working towards the performance goals for our upcoming servers while
leading the team on development related aspects for compilers.
- *What You Will Do*

As a Senior Compiler developer and performance analyst you will:
- * Identify and analyze opportunities for performance optimization
- * Implement code changes to demonstrate hardware opportunities
- * Develop a plan to target various performance opportunities
- * Work with the team to deliver innovations for optimal execution of code

*How We’ll Help You Grow*
- * You’ll have access to all the training courses to become the expert you
want to be.
- *You’ll learn directly from expert developers in the field
- Required Technical and Professional Expertise
- * 10-15 years of relevant industry experience
- * Knowledge of C/C++/Fortran
- * Knowledge of programming language compilers and their implementation
- * Performance critical code implementation
- * Experience with build environments such as GNU, github
- * Knowledge of gcc/llvm/icc and compiler options
- * Knowledge of bash/awk or other scripting language
- * Detailed knowledge of compiler performance optimisation, performance
profiling, performance counter data collection using perf/gprof/tprof.

Contact : *swethasivaram at in.ibm.com* <swethasivaram at in.ibm.com> and
snallasi at in.ibm.com if you are interested in taking this opportunity
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