[llvm-dev] Unmodeled side effects and scheduling latency

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Hi Mattias,

Not sure about the latency but you can implement a HazardRecognizer to
detect that case (MachineScheduler uses an instance of one)


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> Hi!
> I Have a question on how to think about instructions marked with
> "hasSideEffects = 1" in the scheduler. In my out-of-tree back-end we
> recently had this situation:
> SU(0): set_configuration_reg
> SU(1): read_from_memory
> SU(0) is marked with "hasSideEffects = 1".
> ScheduleDAGInstrs::buildSchedGraph() considered there to be an
> order-dependency between the instructions, but set its latency to 0. So our
> custom VLIW scheduler put SU(0) and SU(1) in the same bundle. In reality
> the configuration register actually affects how the read behaves, so
> bundling these two caused a bug.
> Is the scheduler correct in setting the latency to 0 correct in this case?
> Mattias
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