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Tue Oct 30 13:13:18 PDT 2018

Just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter, I think mailing lists
can be fine for RFCs but very often they get ignored or simply get one
or two replies disagreeing with the idea, which basically makes for the
whole consensus.

Currently it feels like the only viable way of actually proposing something
is having a diff up on Phabricator for review, with an already finished
implementation, which is entirely not the point of RFCs. I'm not sure I have
a better suggestion but possibly a section on Phabricator for RFC reviews
similar to pre-commit reviews would be a nicer alternative.

At least that has generally been my experience, with using the mailing lists
for this and a rather frustrating one since drafting a proposal takes time
and it's frustrating when it just gets almost no attention. I think Phab
as an alternative would be an excellent idea if it's possible to make it
separate from the pre-commit review section but in the same format, and allow
for more discussion to take place.

Thank you.

On 30/10/2018 19:39, Finkel, Hal J. via llvm-dev wrote:
> On 10/30/2018 02:29 PM, David Greene via llvm-dev wrote:
>> I was about to post an RFC for a memory system model for LLVM but
>> noticed Hal's updated to his test-suite benchmarks RFC.
>> What's the suggested process for introducing RFCs?  Is it best to put it
>> under docs/Proposals and open a Phab differential?  Or is an initial
>> mailing list post preferred, with further discussion leading to a
>> document in docs/Proposals tracked on Phab?
> An email to the mailing list. Maintaining proposals in docs/Proposals is
> a procedure for longer-term proposals that require collaborative
> updating (or otherwise benefit from living there).
>  -Hal
>>                           -David
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